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October Newsletter 2017


I hope that you have had a good summer and that you got to do all the things that you wanted to get done or just had a fun relaxing summer. That blue norther finally arrived and it is great, I don’t break out into a sweat when I go get the paper in the morning, it feels wonderful!


It is that time of the year again to get those registrations and dues in, I just wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2017. Enclosed you will find a registration form for you to fill out and return. With your registration you will be good to go for the Waco Convention should you decide to attend.


We have a lap top computer (Debbie Clanton) and printer (Fred Oliver), thanks to those two individuals’ donations, we will be able to have your membership cards waiting for you should you decide to go to Waco for the convention. Your credentials will be completed and waiting for you at the convention hall in Waco. Just come to the TAHSBCA table in the main lobby and you can pick up your credentials at that time. In the meantime as we get your registrations in we will in turn mail you your membership credentials, so you will have them and be good to go for the convention in Waco.


Now if you are wondering how we are going to get those membership cards and credentials to you, here is the skinny on that. We have found a printing company that will help us get everything lined up similar to what the main organization is doing now, so, by the 15th of October we should have started and sent out your membership cards for 2017. The owner of the company is Richard Wright, owner of Wright Printing in the Woodlands. His graphic team is putting together a logo for the Alumni Coaches Association that I think you will really like. We are excited and anxious to get this membership card business up and going and getting the finished product out to you. You will receive the following in the mail if you register before going to Waco. Membership card with your name and number on it, ticket to the Friday luncheon in the main speaker room, ticket to the Hall of Fame Banquet (by this time everyone should know that Rick Carpenter, Steve Chapman and Rocky Manuel were elected into the 2017 Hall of Fame) Friday evening.

Again it is time for the Alumni Association to step up to the plate, pitch in and give a hand to the main organization, we will give a hand in selling raffle tickets at the convention, the item that is being raffled off is a brand spank’n new pitching machine.  We will help at the booth in the exhibit hall. Hopefully we can do well enough to get that machine out to a lucky coach and his program.

Let me give you a little tid bit about the Alumni coaches. Our membership is growing each year, this year we have topped out at 99 members for 2016,  which is fantastic. If you have already sent your dues in for 2017 please disregard the above about getting your dues in. Also as of today 01 October 2016 we have a total of 27 coaches that have sent  their dues in for 2017, that will put us well on our way to getting past that century plus mark. Thank  you, ya’ll are awesome!


Since we began the Alumni Association, we have given out five scholarships, for

a total of $5000. 2013 our first year we did not give out a scholarship. In 2014 we gave one scholarship. In 2015 we gave out two scholarships and in 2016 we again gave out two more scholarships. That is a total of $5000 that we have given in scholarships. A good effort by the Alumni coaches to help these leaders of tomorrow!


We have two very outstanding seniors that will be awarded those scholarships at this year’s banquet, we will award again, two more $1000 scholarships. Those students receiving scholarships this year are as follows:


Cameron Hill - From Stephen F. Austin High School in Sugarland, Texas. Her scholarship will be awarded in the memory of Coach John Carpenter. The  scholarship will be presented by our Executive Director of the Association, Coach Rex Sanders and Mrs. John Carpenter.

 Luis Quiroz - From Klein Collins High School in Spring, Texas. His scholarship will be awarded in the memory of Coach Freddy Carlton. The scholarship will be presented by the President of the Alumni Coaches Association, Coach Joe Ray Halsey.

Both of these scholars are deserving students, good luck to them as they begin  their stretch run on

their educational endeavors. These scholarships have been provided by our membership dues and

donations that we have accumulated within the past year, thanks to you! Way to go guys,  a good job

done by done all!!!


As many of you may know we will also lose members along the way throughout the year. With that being said, we would like to send our most heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Laverne Tetter and family, wife of Wayne Tetter, long time baseball coach at Houston Bellaire High School. Wayne lost his battle with cancer, he approached it just like he coached, straight ahead and worked hard at battling it to the very end. Wayne has left an outstanding legacy as a husband, father, coach, mentor and teacher at Bellaire High school.  Coach Tetter will be missed as he added greatly to our association, again our deepest sympathy goes to his Mrs. Tetter and family.


The Honorary Coaches for the 2017 All-Star game are as follows:

2A, 3A, 4A

North – Ronnie Clanton, Midlothian

South – Joe Almaraz, Southwest San Antonio

5A, 6A

North – David Arterburn, Lubbock Coronado

South – Ed Blair, El Paso Kirkland


These coaches have served Texas High School Baseball diligently and are most deserving of being named as honorary coaches for the All-Star Game.

Next on a the topic list, a lot of controversy has been brought up within the past six months about limiting the amount of pitches or innings a ballplayer may have pitched during a game and as to how much rest he will have before being able to pitch again. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rule Committee ruled in their June meeting in Indianapolis that each state association will be required to develop its own pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown during a game to afford pitchers a required rest period between pitching appearances. This may or may not affect the high school season as much, but it is good to have in place just for safety’s sake, but leaves to mind what happens in the summer. Those restrictions are just for the high school season and not for the summer season. Usually that is the period of time when a lot of the arm injuries occur, how do the players get protected then is the question.

 Another tidbit you may all want to know. Rice University is going to Cuba, you might want to give Wayne Graham a call and see if he needs some experienced fungo hitters to take infield during practice or give clinics while he is basking under a cloud of a pure Havana’s!

Along that same line, we have heard that Coach John Pope is going home, back to Rice University as the pitching coach (he attended Rice). Coach Pope was recently the head coach at Cypress Ranch High School and led Cy Ranch to two Texas State High School Baseball Championships in 2012 and 2015. Good luck Coach Pope!


Okay, one last thing, remember to send your registration and dues ($20) to:

Chip Nila not Mario Barrett. Chips address is 11514 Jacinth Court, Houston, Texas 77066.


Please make all checks out to Texas Alumni High School Baseball Coaches Association (TAHSBCA)

Hope to hear from you soon and will be looking forward to seeing you in Waco should you decide to attend, if they are sent in early enough they will be mailed to you, otherwise we will have your credentials there waiting for you!


Now here is something that we are considering very strongly. Thursday night of the convention in one of those side areas at the Hilton we are planning on getting some of our more talented coaches to do a little strumming and singing on their six strings or banjos, you will not believe the talent that some of these coaches have other than just coaching baseball. Adult beverages will be on hand along with red solo cups. There will be two 16 gallon adult beverage containers and will be there for as long as they last, no more, we just want to knock off the edge a bit while you are relaxing and listening to these coaches perform.


Well it’s time to go do some honey do’s, so my time is noted and taken care of each and every minute of the day and night!


Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!!!!!!


Yours for better Baseball,


Joe Ray Halsey





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