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This Code of Ethics has been written to protect and promote the great game of baseball as well as the coaching profession.  It has been written as a guide to define what are right and ethical practices as well as practices that are wrong and detrimental to the game, players, and coaches.
As a coach I must always uphold the honor and dignity of the game. In all personal conduct I will strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct.

     A. As a coach I will be a positive role model for all athletes and demonstrate fair play and

         sportsmanship always.
     B. The coach will act professionally and take responsibility for all his actions.
     C. The coach will never place winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.
     D. The coach will ensure his language, manner, punctuality, presentation, and preparation     

          demonstrates the highest standards.
     E. The coach will treat everyone equally.
     F.  The coach will treat the parents and family of his players with respect and maintain open

     G. The coach will work to educate the home fans to be respectful and courteous to the

     H. The coach will conduct himself so as to uphold the integrity and dignity of his school.
      I. The coach will communicate to his players a respect and reverence for the history of baseball

          and to never knowingly bring shame or dishonor to this grand game. 

     A. The coach must maintain a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game, including rule

          changes and to make sure his players know and understand the rules.
     B. The coach must require that his players know and abide by the spirit and letter of all baseball

         rules and also those relating to eligibility, practices, and other provisions regulating their


      A. The coach will respect and support umpires, scorers, PA announcers, and others charged with

          conducting the game.
     B. The coach will not allow anyone on his team to address unkindly remarks to any official, or to

         incite players or spectators against the officials.
     C. “Bench Jockeying” will not be allowed!
     D. Coaches should confine their discussions to the rules and not challenge umpire decisions 

          involving judgement.
     E. The coach should communicate to his players a respect for the history of the game and to

         never knowingly bring shame or dishonor to the proud game.

These are just the basic fundamentals of what we as coaches should be teaching our ball players. These players are the future caretakers of our families, communities, and country. We are the example our players see on a daily basis and the ethics we exhibit are what our players will attempt to follow. So, coaches, be the best positive example you can be.

Download a copy of our Code of Conduct

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